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Jun 24, 2008

The original site for "Life can be seriously funny" returns

After being offline for some weeks, the original site for "Life can be seriously funny" has returned. It can be found at...
This mirror site will remain active in case there should be more problems, however all the archives etc going back several years can only be found at
click HERE to go to the original

Jun 23, 2008

Ok...that's it....last time she tells me to "grow up"!....I'm outta here..

Art for the people.....

Things were about to get interesting at the "Chicken Nibbles" plant

Jun 22, 2008

Does this mean the relationship is finished then ??

Jun 15, 2008

And proud to be sponsored by.........

Be with you in a's ok...they dont eat penguins..

It was a quiet neighbourhood...sometimes a little too quiet he often thought

Jun 14, 2008

What was wrong....the problem only got worse after they put the sign up...

Hey...why don't you just throw me a stick....I'll fetch that instead

Yeah....let's get back to those good old fashion values...

Jun 12, 2008

And if you were not happy with the service....then....

Well about if we just laugh a couple of times then leave..

Jun 10, 2008

And if you are dead get to a hospital immediately..

Jun 7, 2008

Hmmm.....maybe if I just leave a note...

Jun 4, 2008

We're working on it Chester

He enjoyed the work.....even though the pay was only peanuts..

Jun 3, 2008

Oh look.....and he has his fathers eyes..

Why don't we just shoot him....if he runs we'll never catch him

Jun 1, 2008

He knew she loved him.....but there were times he needed a little bit of 'space' for himself..

College was tough, but now he had graduated he could relax a little..

It was only now he realised she had a hand/eye co-ordination problem

There is something about them....they are so much like their father !

Thanks Blogger ! "Life can be seriously funny" did not survive your 'attentions' we are starting again

'Blogger' managed to mess up my site "Life can be seriously funny" I am starting again pics and the best of the old ones....funny stuff from the world media. The website address is kinda long so maybe you should just bookmark the lets just pick up where we (blogger) left off...follow me.....ok?